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New Grifters Code is out yeow

This has been me all morning, working afternoons is the worst.

Album cover art is getting boring.

New Order - 2001

Kanye West - 2013

I’ve been happier over the past two months than I have been since just after last Christmas. And I still have to find out if I actually have it, but I’ve pretty much got my dream job. AND I might be going to New York soon for a bit too. Life is so fucking good right now oh my god.

I realised on the long trip home first thing this morning that I’m most definitely not afraid of heights

This sums up exactly what I’ve done tonight.


Hey man can you stick this up? tryna get a couple of views. thanks.

This is so lovely, Crept is definitely one of the most impressive out there right now

"You been lifting man? Getting big man"
People have the most interesting conversations on Darts

Holidaying with fronds in Cavan, very good times

Cue Canned Heat’s ‘Going up the country’

Painting commissions for people is full on the best fun ever, this is for the back-room seating area of a bookshop in Blessington.

Drawing skulls is actually real fun. Having to work on days like today tho is sans fun.

Know where I could pick one up?
Yeah man you can get copies in All City, Johnny’s   Skateshop, Indigo and Cloth and I think a few other places too

Finally got my hands on the first issue of Grape Magazine the other day. Its an independent Dublin based mag about skateboarding, art, music, fashion, photography and various other sound things. Its a really good read, its made by lovely people, and its free, so go get one too.


Good morning/night

I now have a BSc in Computing in Multimedia Programming, making me the first person in my family to a have a college degree. I’ve been smiling for atleast 23 minutes now