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Finally getting around to using a drawing tablet, it’s quickly turning into my new best friend.

This was the nicest thing ever to wake up to. Awh shucks guys.

gggareths said: That is delishhhhh.

thnx hun xo

Last nights business. Get down to Sweeneys at 5 this evening to see these little rides play.

Time for work.

Hard at werk.

Progress. Swirly lines are the bee’s knees.

Forever fucking loving this shirt

Nicky St-Clause

Excellent work, so talented

This was absolutely lovely to wake up to, thanks loads :)

Swamped at work

Woke up to see i have a print order from the UK, v exciting



Hand painted canvas


So this has loads of notes, woah 


Whatsup y’alllllllllll