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Breakfast doodling. Little hand selfie.

It’s Richard Hell and The Voidoids kind of night. Hangovers are terrible.

Im actually so fucking excited for the project Im working on right now to be released. I’ve been working on it for the past while and now my part’s completely done but there’s still some stuff to be done by other people before it’s ready so I don’t wanna talk about it and jinx it but holy shit Im excited, life’s sound

Little cheeky sample of things to come. Fun work is fun.

I wanna ride you



I was asked by the Lightning Kids to design them a logo and then also make a big banner with said logo on it so they could hang it up at shows. This literally had a deadline of about a day haha

Doing shit that you love is the best thing ever.

Finally getting around to using a drawing tablet, it’s quickly turning into my new best friend.

This was the nicest thing ever to wake up to. Awh shucks guys.

gggareths said: That is delishhhhh.

thnx hun xo

Last nights business. Get down to Sweeneys at 5 this evening to see these little rides play.

Time for work.

Hard at werk.

Progress. Swirly lines are the bee’s knees.

Forever fucking loving this shirt